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Corporate E-Registration, CRS Automatic Exchange of Information, and Enforcement

December 2017

Corporate e-registration available to foreign founders, CRS AEoI, and issues of enforcement of judgments

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Important Amendments to Labour Code

October 2017

Important amendments to the Labour Code, issuance of e-signature to non-residents, and subordination of Azercosmos

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Amendments to Corporate Law

September 2017

Further regulation of corporate rules restricts purchase of parent company's shares

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Secured Transactions | List of "Tax Havens"

July 2017

New Law gives creditors tools for prioritizing their claims in movables | List of low-tax jurisdictions approved

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Best Lawyers Rankings Released

June 2017

The Firm and its partners, Dr Farhad Mirzayev, Delara Israfilova, and Aykhan Asadov, are ranked by Best Lawyers

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