Legal Updates

Amendments to Tax Code Effective 2017

December 2016

The legislature in Azerbaijan came up recently with extensive amendments to the Tax Code

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Tax Reforms and Document Control

October 2016

Guidelines for Tax Reforms in 2016 and Document Control Rules Approved

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Antidumping Law Promulgated

July 2016

The Law comes as the first act in Azerbaijan that seeks specifically to protect local production from the unfair trade practice of dumping; separately, practical issues of donation deeds in Azerbaijan are discussed

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Related-Party Transactions, Liability for Economic Violations, Industrial Parks, and Labour Migration

June 2016

Regulation of Related-Party Transactions for Banks and Insurers, Further Benefits for Industrial Parks, Expansion of Exemption from Work Permit

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Registration of Changes to Details of Legal Entities

April 2016

Tax Authorities (Registration Authorities) Gain Access to Changes of Personal Details of Directors

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